Proposals ¶

This directory contains proposal documents for significant enhancements and changes to Kubeapps.

Disclaimer: Proposals are point-in-time designs and decisions. Once approved and implemented, they become historical documents. If you are reading an old proposal, please be aware that the features described herein might have continued to evolve since.

Proposal Process ¶

The proposal process is defined in .

List of proposals ¶

TitleAuthorOverviewOther resourcesApproval dateIssue/PR
AuthN/AuthZ in 09, 2018#218
Dashboard Error 17, 2018#738
Improving User Experience for Deploying and Upgrading 26, 2019#1152  
Third party integration for adding a chart 14, 2019#1213
Helm 3 4, 2019#1250
Replacing MongoDB 3, 2019#1313
Improve UX in application 3, 2020#1529
Operators 5, 2020#1553
Update Kubeapps to use in GDocMay 14, 2020#1354
Multicluster 9, 2020#1746
Kubeapps with Pinniped for Auth on clusters without OIDC configurationabsoludityInvestigate and discuss integration with the pinniped project enabling Kubeapps to run with SSO authentication on platforms where we have no control over the K8s API server configuration.Design in GDocOct 22, 2020#2119
Evaluating OCI registries for Kubeapps@andresmgotEvaluate what’s needed to support OCI registries in Kubeapps to host Helm chartsDesign in GDocOct 26, 2020#2127
Kubeapps Catalog UI/UX proposalantgamdiaEvaluate the improvement of the UI/UX when listing the catalog of charts/operators (apps henceforth) from different repositories when they include a large number of elements.Design in GDocDec 9, 2020#1010
Design pluggable supportgfichtenholtDesign specification of the pluggable architecture and support for multiple package formatsDesign in GDocJun 1, 2021#2944
Customizable UI for plugins@castelblanqueDesign proposal for the customization of UI only from backend, in order to ease the burden of maintaining UI hardcoded cases per plugin.Design in GDocJul 12, 2022#4365
New multicluster design@castelblanqueA new design for extending multicluster support to all package plugins.Design in GDocOct 24, 2022#5152
Operators Packaging PlugingfichtenholtInitial thoughts on new Operators Packaging PluginDesign in GDocDec 20, 2022#4920