The Kubeapps Build Guide ¶

This guide explains how to build Kubeapps.

Prerequisites ¶

Download kubeapps source code ¶

git clone --recurse-submodules $KUBEAPPS_DIR

Build kubeapps ¶

Kubeapps consists of a number of in-cluster components. To build all these components in one go:

make IMAGE_TAG=myver all

Or if you wish to build specific component(s):

# to build the kubeapps binary
make IMAGE_TAG=myver kubeapps

# to build the kubeapps/dashboard docker image
make IMAGE_TAG=myver kubeapps/dashboard

# to build the kubeapps/apprepository-controller docker image
make IMAGE_TAG=myver kubeapps/apprepository-controller

Running tests ¶

To test all the components:

make test

Or if you wish to test specific component(s):

# to test the kubeapps binary
make test-kubeapps

# to test kubeapps/dashboard
make test-dashboard

# to test the cmd/apprepository-controller package
make test-apprepository-controller