Kubeapps Reference ΒΆ

This section contains technical reference and developer guides for Kubeapps.

ProposalsTechnical proposals for significant enhancements and changes to Kubeapps
Developer guidesGuides to configure development environment for the different components and guidelines for builds, releases, documentation, issue triage, etc.
Testing environment setupSetup your environment to test Kubeapps integration with other services
CI configurationTechnical reference for configuring Kubeapps CI environment
End-to-end testing configurationSetup your development environment to run end-2-end tests
TranslationsHow to translate Kubeapps UI and messages

Alternatively, our Tutorials section contains step-by-step tutorials to help outline what Kubeapps is capable of while helping you achieve specific aims, such as installing Kubeapps or using an OIDC provider.

If you have a specific goal, but are already familiar with Kubeapps, take a look at our How-to guides . These have more in-depth detail and can be applied to a broader set of features.

Finally, for a better understanding of Kubeapps architecture, our Background section enables you to expand your knowledge.