Kubeapps Project Roadmap

About this document

This document provides a link to the Kubeapps Project issues list that serves as the up to date description of items that are in the Kubeapps release pipeline. This should serve as a reference point for Kubeapps users and contributors to understand where the project is heading, and help determine if a contribution could be conflicting with a longer term plan.

How to help?

Discussion on the roadmap can take place in threads under Issues . Please open and comment on an issue if you want to provide suggestions and feedback to an item in the roadmap. Please review the roadmap to avoid potential duplicated effort.

How to add an item to the roadmap?

Please open an issue to track any initiative on the roadmap of Kubeapps (usually driven by new feature requests). Kubeapps maintainers will work with and rely on the community to focus the efforts to improve Kubeapps.

Current Roadmap

The following table includes the current roadmap for Kubeapps. If you have any questions or would like to contribute to Kubeapps, please contact us by Slack on the #Kubeapps channel to discuss with Kubeapps maintainers team.

If you don’t know where to start, Kubeapps maintainers are always looking for contributors that will help to reduce technical, automation, and documentation debt. Please take the timelines & dates as proposals and goals. Priorities and requirements change based on community feedback, roadblocks encountered, community contributions, etc. If you depend on a specific item, kubeapps maintainers team encourage you to contact them by Slack, or help them deliver that feature by contributing to Kubeapps.

Last Updated: Aug 2022

Adapt Kubeapps Forms to support JSONSchemaDesign and adapt Kubeapps Forms to support the standard JSONSchema, and improve the UI, to simplify user experience to manage parametersFY23-Q3
Support for OCI registries in Flux pluginTo provide support for OCI registries in Kubeapps by using Flux plugin and including different kinds of repositories, such as GitHub, Harbor or GAR.FY23-Q3
Multi-cluster supportTo design and implement how to improve UX for multi-cluster support in Kubeapps.FY23-Q3
AuditabilityKubeapps should include a trace to audit any event related to app managementFY23-Q3
Kubeapps Docker Desktop extensionDevelop and publish a Docker Desktop extension to simplify the onboarding to Kubeapps for Docker Desktop usersNot planned