Kubeapps Background ΒΆ

Big-picture explanations of higher-level Kubeapps concepts. Most useful for building understanding of a particular topic.

ArchitectureDive into the overall Kubeapps architecture.
Kubeapps API documentationInformation about Kubeapps API and how to contribute to keep Kubeapps API documentation updated.
Multicluster modeDetails on the multicluster mode of Kubeapps.

Alternatively, our Tutorials section contain step-by-step tutorials to help outline what Kubeapps is capable of while helping you achieve specific aims, such as installing Kubeapps or using an OIDC provider.

If you have a specific goal, but are already familiar with Kubeapps, take a look at our How-to guides . These have more in-depth detail and can be applied to a broader set of features.

Finally, take a look at our Reference section when you need to know design decisions, what functions the API supports, detailed developer guides, etc.