Kubeapps documentation ¶

Everything you need to know about Kubeapps.

NOTE: we are currently moving our docs to a new website and reviewing our documentation files. In the meanwhile, eventual broken links and minor inconsistences may appear. Please, feel free to contact us if you have any questions: file an issue , or talk to us on the #Kubeapps slack channel .

Documentation overview ¶

A high-level overview of how it’s organized will help Kubeapps contributors and users know where to look for certain things.

TutorialsStart here if you’re new to Kubeapps. A hands-on introduction to Kubeapps for new users.
How-to guidesThey guide you through the steps involved in addressing key problems and use-cases.
BackgroundDive into the overall architecture and implementation details of Kubeapps.
ReferenceTechnical information - developer guides, design proposals, examples, translations, etc.